An amazing lead stack & form builder that let's your team provide human assistance, exactly when its needed.

Live engagement.

Sales rise dramatically when you have the power to observe your customers in real-time. Don't just sit back and watch, help them.

Conversion optimised.

Roll out powerful, high converting lead generation forms anywhere. Capture validated & verified data that improves lead quality.

Everything else.

Integrate your leads with Zapier, Google & much more. Control distribution, duplicates, and recover abandoned leads easily.


One minute founder interview.

What is Lead Deck?

Lead Deck is powerful software that runs on WordPress. Apart from being a pretty awesome form builder, it contains all the tools you need to really drive sales up. In our tests, we increased sales by 20% - on an already optimised form.

How does it increase sales?

About 5 years ago, I was developing the technology with a team in the UK generating leads and struct upon the idea of monitoring everything to help speed up testing, but it came with one huge unexpected benefit. We could now spot customers in real time that were struggling, anticipate their needs and instantly offer sales support. Conversions rocketed.

So it's a form builder?

Yes and no, Lead deck is a suite of tools that's why it's called a deck or stack. The form builder is pretty good though and it includes browser autofill, validation and built in error handling.

You can stop duplicates?

Yes, and you won't find a better technology out there. Originally I developed it to stop fraudulant one-per-household requests for a client. I adapted the concept and included it in Lead Deck.

Why would I use Lead Deck?
You're generating leads and you want to extract more sales. You can't do what Lead Deck does alone, it's unique and crazy powerful and it's GDPR compliant, if that really matters to you.

Can you add lead deck forms to any web page?

This was a really cool addition to Lead Deck. Yes, you can build the form and add it to any landing page on almost any platform that allows JavaScript snippets. Centralising your leads into one hub.